CM - Desirable Thought Typeface 3259423

Desirable Thought is a brand new handwritten font. Desirable Thought is perfectly suited for stationery, logos, t-shirt, paper, print design, website header, photo frame, flyer, music cover, poster, image slider and much more.

CM - Himalayar 2866994

Designed initially for using in a recipe book as casual comments. Its actually very versatile, and can be used in a variety of project styles where a quick relaxed hand written type is needed. "Himalayar" Regular (uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers , punctuation and ligature.)

Anemos Font
Anemos Font


Anemos Font

With 662 glyphs, Anemos font is the perfect mix of elegant and casual. The Open Type features include a full international character compliment, standard and contextual alternates, swatches, stylistic sets, initial forms, standard and discretionary ligatures (capital letters have at least six different forms and the lower case letters ten).

Atonement Font


Atonement Font

Atonement is a splattery, scratchy font. I made it with a steel nibbed pen, a brush and some Chinese ink. I based it on my fonts Ravenheart, Qilin and American Grunge - mostly because I really like them. Of course, all of these fonts are influenced by the work of the great Ralph Steadman - someone I greatly admire. Atonement comes with ligatures for double letter combinations and a stash of diacritics.

Sugarloaf Font


Sugarloaf Font

A sugarloaf was a conical lump in which refined sugar was sold until the late 19th century. In Fryslân you can buy sûkerbôle - a yeasty white bread containing large chunks of sugar. I must have been dreaming about the latter when I named this font! Sugarloaf is a versatile, happy, handmade display font. It comes in an inline and a black style.



CM - Ripon Font Duo Free 10 Logos 3249906

Two combinations of serif and script. Serif is known as a classic style so handwriting is perfect when combined. So, we made two different fonts, but one name.

This fonts is perfect for wedding invites, logo design, book covers, stationery, marketing, magazines, inspirational quotes and much more.

We also provide free items, which are 10 logo templates that you can use in your project.

OTF | TTF | SVG | Ai Illustrator | RAR 304 KB




CM - Kittie | Regular & Bold 2905929

Kittie is a hand written script font with plenty of ligatures. With it's unique character, Kittie is perfect for logos, branding and quotes as well as social media posts, packaging, invitations, posters, flyers, etc. Kittie comes in two weights, regular and bold. Kittie also has smooth edges which makes it excellent for vinyl cutting.



CM - Bright Script LAYERED FONT 2425274

Introducing Bright Script with 3 font styles. This is the latest Debut Studio font that will help you in designing. If you are a designer who likes other Logotype, brands, and other design needs that use bold, then you should have this font.

Bright Script is available in 3 font styles.

    Bright Script (Brush Version), This version will be very well used for the purposes of lettering design as it is now a trend used in social media to share a wise with poster, inspirational, motivation quote and other words.

    Bright Script (Clean Version), This font is suitable for logo design purposes, using this font of your logo will be very cool and proffesional for t-shirt, branding product, and other design needs.

    Bright Script (Layered Version), *With this version, allows you to create a font display with a vintage retro stye, with 3 types of fonts available, you can arrage them to get the interesting fonts.